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南相馬市は福島原子力発電所から約20キロに位置しています。 約1000年の歴史を持つ、相馬野馬追いという伝統行事を毎年夏に行っております。しかし、街は汚染されており、原子炉はまだ修復されておりません。そこ に住む人々は自分達の住む町に将来があるのか疑問に感じています。私たちは三つの家族を追っています。一つの家族は町を去り、もう一つの家族は政府の指示 に沿って住み続け、三番目の家族は状況を理解しようとしています。

私は2011年10月と2012年3月に南相馬市に行きました。私は現地の人々に会いました。私は避難区域に行きました。福島の問題を解決できなければ、 遅かれ早かれ、それが私たちの子供たちが危険な状態になることを意味します。そのことを、私は私の新しい日本の友達とつながったことでより深く感じまし た。






Short Summary

Minamisoma is situated 20 KMS from Fukushima nuclear power plant. For 1000 years, the Nomaoi samurai festival has been taking place here every summer, reminding a long history. But the city is contaminated and the reactors are not fixed yet. So the people wonder if there is a future for them here. We follow 3 families. One is leaving the city, another one decided to follow the advice of the government and the third one tries to understand the situation.

I have been in Minamisoma in October 2011 and in March 2012. I met people. I went into the zone. I feel deeply linked with my new Japanese friends because I know that if we don't fix the issue of Fukushima, it means that OUR kids will be sooner or later in danger.

This movie will be screened like my previous movies on TV's. I hope it will help us to remember that Fukushima is forever. To forget it means, we forget that we are all on the same boat...

TV's (except RTBF) are tired of this subject. So I face difficulties to finance my next trip in Minamisoma. Without you, no movie! Without this movie, no chance to give hope to the people of Minamisoma who feel more and more isolated.



Minamisoma, 20 KMS de la centrale de Fukushima. Depuis 1000 ans, la ville célèbre le festival samouraï du NOMAOI, rappelant ainsi un long passé. Mais la ville est contaminée. Les 4 réacteurs de la centrale menacent encore la ville. Les gens se demandent donc s'il faut rester ou partir. Le film suit 3 familles. L'une suit les directives rassurantes du gouvernement. L'autre a décidé de déménager à Okaido. La troisième cherche à comprendre la situation.

Je me suis rendu à Minamisoma en Octobre. J'y ai rencontré et écouté les gens. J'y suis retourné en mars. J'ai pu entrer dans la zone et me rendre compte de la situation. Je me sens profondément connecté à mes nouveaux amis japonais et je m'inquiète du fait que la plupart des gens s'imaginent que le problème est réglé alors qu'il ne fait que commencer. Les médias considèrent que le sujet de Fukushima n'est plus d'actualité. Aussi, suis-je obligé de compter sur la conscience et l'investissement personnel des citoyens.


What We Need & What You Get

I already shot 50 hours in Fukushima, but I need to shoot the Nomaoi festival and finish the portraits I’ve begun. Without this trip, I cannot achieve my project.

So your move will change everything!


Budget for 3 weeks

AIR PLANE             1200 $

Translator              6000 $


& transport         10.000 $

Material                 6000 $

Director preparation

Shooting               7000 $

Assistant BXL         5000 $


The Impact

You can watch my previous movies in order to understand my involvement.

RAS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YLeHNT67uI

CHERNOBYL 4EVER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H3INoiDn8c

STORIES FROM FUKUSHIMA: http://message.in.a.bottle.over-blog.com/pages/STORIES_FROM_FUKUSHIMA_ENGLISH-6985709.html


As I did with my previous movies, I will fight to release this documentary on the  international level.


Other Ways You Can Help

You can also help by writing message for the kids in Minamisoma on my blog:






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