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 People were living in a beautiful forest. They were quiet happy, even if the last time they were so by themselves that they didn’t even enjoy their happiness. In the past whereas, they used to fight together, to dance together, to sing together, to eat together…anyway, they thought they were happy.

One day, an old man arrived in the village and said : « Be careful when you walk in the wood ! Very dangerous animals are coming. One says that they already made a lot of death in the forest around. »

Listening to that, a few people, worrying for their kids decided to leave the forest. When they were packing, the rest of the inhabitants begun to say : « Those people are coward and believe the story of someone who maybe lies or who is quite surely wrong. It cannot be like he described. On the way leading out of the village, the families leaving heart so many bad words that it would be difficult to forget it in the future. So the one who hesitate to leave didn’t dare later to do the same, fearing the laugh of their own friends.
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After the village regained its peace, two clans begun to rise. The majority continue to behave like before, pretending to be happy, trying to forget those bad news and those dark days. The other one decided to work together, like before. They helped each other to build bows and to learn how to read animal traces or how to smell them by the wind, to listen like their ancestors did before they lost this important skill. They became more and more friends and even if they were scared of those dangerous animals, they prepared at least themselves in order to encounter them. From time to time, when one of them hesitated and began to think : « Maybe we are wrong, maybe we should live like our brothers and sisters who are happy cause they didn’t’ believe in the monsters coming, the rest of the group helped them to think about their kids saying : « And what would happen if this story is true ? Your kid would go into the forest and would be attacked by the tiger or the snake and will die… ».

Who was right and who was wrong…difficult to say till the animal arrives…

And one day they did. When some who didn’t listen to the old man went into the forest, the tiger ate them. The other ones survived in the majority because they were prepared. Those who leaved the village were safe but, every night when the sun went down, silently, they still cry… 


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