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A 75 minute’s documentary aims to alert the international community about the children from the contaminated area in Japan, who have been suffering from the after affects of the worst nuclear accident in history which occured at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima. In addition this movie will precisely depict teh feeling of alienation of the childeren whoive in an environment polluted by the radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Daiichi.





1.     Producer: 

Film Director:

Mr. Alain de HALLEUX is a moviemaker dedicated to producing documentary films about international social issues. His best known works which include RAS, NUCELAIRE RIEN A SIGNALER and CHERNOBYL 4EVERare a great introduction to documentary films describing people  who suffers from the after-effects of nuclear plant explosions trough the eyes of the young generation. Those masterpieces have been already broadcasted in many languages by a wide range of international media companies; ARTE (France/Germany), RTBF (Belgium), VPRO (Holland), NHK (Japan)… Mr. De Halleux is very concerned about the “Fukushima nuclear disaster” since he is father of 4 children.


Assistant Director:

Mr. Shintaro YANAGI is a researcher in Political, Social and International Studies and lives in Belgium. He is very passionate about understanding and solving global issues such as poverty reduction, education, peace building, human rights, governance, environmental issues and HIV/AIDS. As he was brought up in Japan and has travelled in Asian countries, as well as having studied and worked in European countries, he has geopolitically diverse practical experience and a wide variety of analytical academic research skills. In additio


n, he worked in the European Commission, Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency as a trainee for 5 month in Belgium. He is participating in making this film to support his family, friends and people who are suffering from the Fukushima catastrophe.

2.     Objective:

The aim of this film is a genuine attempt to listen to children’s voices in order to understand their real situation, trepidation, anxiety, questions, future and anger without an adult interpretation. Hence, this film will undoubtedly play a significant role of those children and families from Fukushima to the rest of the world. In addition, we are going to work on this topic as a filmmaker but not as a journalist. It is very important to understand why we are going to Japan to make the film about Fukushima. Following our schedule, as a first step, we are planning to visit Japan in the end of October of this year in order to prepare for the movie and attempt to meet up with several families and children who will agree to take part in our documentary. Specifically, we are looking for 5 or 6 children and families who will be able to share their daily life for at least one week in order to accurately translate their real circumstances onto the screen.


We are specifically lo


oking for children as below:

Children between 6 and 13 years old, from Kanto area, Tohoku area, especially from Fukushima prefecture (such as Fukushima City, Iwaki-City, Iitate, Minami Soma, Katsuraomura, Kawamata-chyo, Namie-machi etc…). Boys and girls willing to participate with parents who are willing to share their concerns regarding their children's health conditions in daily life.


Therefore, we need to find volunteer families who have children between 6 and 13 years old, boys and girls. If possible, would you be able to introduce us to families and children who might be interested in participating on this project? If you know a family interested in participating, could you contact Mr YANAGI who can explain the details so that you will better understand our project?


Full Name:

Current address:

Previous address:

Email Address:

Phone number:

Permission for movie:

Availability for contact date and time:


3.     Visit Japan:

Once contact is established, we will be able to organise a meeting with the children and the families and can visit them betw


een 22 October and 12 November or between 2 November and 22 November. What is more, the shooting itself will take place next year.


This process is the first part of this project which will be able to continue to follow Fukushima for several years. It is clear that we plan to visit Japan regularly and to make a second part of the movie which will broadcast in 10 years.


Certainly, this list just gives an example of what we are looking for. Reality will provide many beautiful surprises and encounters which we do not expect.


Thank you in advance for your help.

Alain DE HALLEUX: if you will contact in Dutch, French or English - lindien@ibbbs.be

Sintaro YANAGI: if you will contact in English or Japanese - shintaroyanagi@goolgemail.com




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